Alessandro Manzoni: his life in four menus

Alessandro Manzoni

Culture and cuisine come together after Alessandro Manzoni ’s house has chosen to take up an initiative for the visitors. Now, to accompany the visit of the house one of the greatest Italian literalists used to live in there will be a menu proposed by the restaurant Voce di Aimo e Nadia. It consists of a taste experience retracing the recipes which Manzoni has conserved in his house.

Alessandro Manzoni’s house: a walk throughout history

When you enter Alessandro Manzoni’s house, located in the very middle of the city of Milan, it is practically impossible to describe the sensation a visitor is likely to feel. In the bedroom where he spent his last minutes of life the fitters have chosen to left several personal items, such as a pair of shoes. The bedroom has been maintained exactly as it was more than a century ago. This is why people have difficulty in describing how it is like to enter such a structure, a sort of space where time has stopped and where it is possible to relive history, and to walk on the footsteps of one of the major writers Italy has ever had.

What have two chefs taken up for the visitors?

And now, history is not the only thing you can taste in the house in Milan. To take up this initiative is a couple of cookers who decided to work in synergy with both the museum-house and the restaurant Voce di Aimo e Nadia. Its dehors is in the garden of Manzoni’s residence. The trip begins with an exclusive private visit and goes on with dishes telling the story of the literalist. Food and culture come together thanks to the great collaboration of two chefs, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani. To make it possible to reproduce the cuisine at the time of Manzoni is Angelo Stella, president of the National Center of Manzonian Studies.

The recipes tell the story of Alessandro Manzoni

Alessandro Manzoni did not aim to become a writer at first, rather a farmer, since he enjoyed spending time growing fruit. A great passionate about viticulture, Manzoni was one of the first fellows to import plants and exotic dishes into Lombardy. The menu Milan dedicates to him is a real research in discovering dishes from details and ingredients, full of history and inspired to the writer’s life in Lombardy, Tuscany and also in Paris, France. Here he used to live with his mother and got acquainted with his first wife. The first dish is undoubtedly polenta, which was made with sorghum flour. The salad with vegetables and fruit contained what Manzoni used to call “big cheese”, one of the first types of Grana Padano.

Then there are the ‘ancestral’ meatballs, with marinating with honey. Another dish is the so-called ris giald (yellow rice in Milani dialect). This recipe was found in the house of Manzoni. They may also serve you duck with tarte tatin to remind the period when the writer went with his mother to France. To complete the meal there is the unmissable Cioccolatte. As he did not like bitter flavors, Manzoni mixed milk and cacao to cook a recipe as closest as possible to the chocolate of Paris. In the recipe proposed by the restaurant, Cioccolatte becomes bon bon, which consists of pralines stuffed with milk ice-cream and a variegation of dark chocolate.

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