Authentic Amalfi Coast: a vacation more sustainable


13 municipalities on the Amalfi Coast joined forces to make a program call Authentic Amalfi Coast. The goal is make the destination smart in order to live responsibly enhancing the cultural, tourism and sustainable territory

Authentic Amalfi Coast: what are the objective?

The objective of the project is make the destination smart in order to live responsibly. Authentic Amalfi Coast, ideated by Amalfi Coast Tourist District join 13 municipalities and has a loan of 3 million euros. A destination portal will be available on Easter. “For now we have the website operating that is useful to tell the lesser known coast and highlight peculiarites and riches“. Says Andrea Ferraioli, creator president of the District and the Network.

The destination portal

The portal that wil be available in a few months, it will contain a series of other information and services ranging from booking an excursion to buy tickets for an initiative. It’s provide also initiative like rental, catering, agrifood, guides, trekking, travel agencies, tour operators transport and mobility operators. Robert Piattelli Engagement of the project declare: “This project is important to make the smart holiday sustainable and responsible, both with solutions and proposals for those who arrive, which can find right inside the destination portal, and with interventions in the field”

Password: sustainability

An experiment that sounds like a challenge to enhance the other side of tourism. Like the charging stations for electric vehicles “for sustainable mobility” to a federated Wi-Fi and with the destination portal

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