Biden claims unity, although America is more and more divided

The American president asked for the end of total war among political debate, although the American politics seems more and more divided

Biden claims unity

Almost three months have been passing since President Biden attended his inaugural speech. A speech where Biden claims unity. However, it seems so far Biden’s word are just closer to a dream than to reality. Republicans and Democrats are more and more fighting and disagreeing with one another. But that’s not enough to express what is occurring: there are internal fights between moderate and extremists within a same party. After four crazy years of the Trump presidency, America, as well the entire world, seemed to take a deep breath of relief when Joe Biden was elected. However, it seems America is more and more divided. Not just in two, but in four: republicans, democrats, extremist republicans and “progressist” democrats. Something which has to be feared is the fact hate and extremisms are getting the better of it on dialogue and moderate. Here are the Disunited States of America.

Biden claims unity: will he succeed in his purpose?

Almost three months have passed since President Biden attended his inaugural speech, in which he asked for unity and urged the American people and politicians “to turn down the political temperature”. “Politics must not be a violent fire burning everything it encounters along its way. Every disagreement must not be a reason for a total conflict. We must refuse a culture where facts themselves are manipulated or even fabricated”, Biden said. However, in spite of these words form Biden, it seems the American politics is becoming progressively more divided, and facts keep on being manipulated.

Democrats and republicans are perpetually fighting against each other. And amid the fights between parties, other fights within parties themselves turn on.  Progressist democrats fight against moderate, as well as radical republicans try to tackle the other moderate in their own party. In many States, extremists are trying to oust any kind of moderates in any way.

Donald Trump is coming back

Amid this chaotic situation, Donald Trump is increasing his fame. He is continuing with his firing rhetoric and his own fake theory on electoral fraud. Trump’s affirmations have led to a heated debate about vote restrictions. Several States with a republican majority have decided to introduce new laws in order to limit the vote by correspondence and by absent. Republican legislators and senators have introduced these laws, driven by polls showing 60% of republican voters continue believing the 2020 elections were stolen to Trump. Sure, this has burst out the anger of democrats, who blame republicans to be keen to limit the vote rights.

But that’s not just this again. The approval of bills concerning vote rights has led to a disagreement resulted in a total war. This has involved the biggest American companies also. The new law in Georgia involved the president himself, who defined it as “the Jim Crow of the twentieth century”. Biden is thus gone at odds with his appeal in order to drop the intensity of political fights.

Biden claims unity, but his wish is still far away from the US status quo

Biden’s wish to claim unity in America is far at the moment. Nevertheless, something is sure: it does not matter what Biden’s dreams are, the current state of politics is profitable for politicians like Trump or Ocasio-Cortez. Furthermore, this kind of war leads to the advantage to produce support at the base of each party. As long as politicians are not held responsible for their actions, nor are sentenced for false or misleading news, the unity of America will remain a mirage forever. This war between political parties is going to lead to just one thing: Congress will be occupied only by extremists who think to keep the power through hate and division, instead to sort out real problems of the citizens. Qualified governors and mayors, considered moderate and thus impure, will be ousted by incompetent extremists.

This brings me to a question: have we reached the end of the American Dream? Maybe yes, America is reaching one of the darkest times of its history. But I remain trustful that truth and reality will come back to America. I keep on being trustful America will come back to be a country of opportunities for all. America will go out from this alternative world and will go back being to beacon of democracy.

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