BMW iX1, the new entry-level electric car is coming

The german brand is developing a new SAV which will be ready in 2023

bmw ix1

Once upon a time, BMW introduced a revolutionary car, the i3. However, the car recieved mixed reactions from the public, who was not ready for the electric revolution yet. Now, things are changed, and people look like more and more interested in this new form of mobility, but playtime for the tiny vehicle featuring a full carbon fiber chassis is over. Now, it’s time for a SUV, o SAV as it’s called by the german manufacturer. It’s time for the BMW iX3, which will be launched in 2023. Let’s take a look at this new vehicle, which promises to be as revolutionary as the i3.

BMW iX1, how it’s made?

According to multiple sources, the iX1 should be a battery electric version of the ICE-powered X1. Both vehicles will share the same platform, the UKL, a base for every BMW and Mini model with a transverse-mounted engine. This platform will allow the manufacturer to assembly the vehicle in the same factory where they build traditional cars to reduce production costs. The old i3 was so particular it requires a purpose-built production line to be assembled (its factory is located in Leipzig). For future vehicles BMW will adopt a more flexible industrial strategy, also known as “Power of Choice”. ICE-powered cars and their electric conterparts will be built in the same site, reducing costs and making models more affordable for everyone.

Powertrain and performance

BMW has not released any official note about the iX1 yet, all we know is that car will have two different powertrains. The first one, the base trim, is a single electric motor, with front wheel drive and 180 Horsepower, 10 more than the current X1 base model. A second unit will be avaliable, with 250 horsepower, four wheel drive and a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery. This unit should grant a maximum range of about 312 miles, or 500 Kms if you will. The iX1 will come in 2023, starting a new generation of battery-powered cars. Multiple sources confirmed the arrival of an i7 luxury sedan, a 5 series derived i5 sedan and an i2 Grand Coupe.

BMW isn’t stopping ICE engines development anytime soon


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