Bower and Morton: a personal journalistic issue?


The foreign correspondence of journalism is giving way to the fact that affect us internally. Personal facts are thus established more than working. What’s the story between Bower and Morton teach us?

What does Bower teach us about journalism and the personal issue?

Journalism is committed to gathering all internal news concerning our country. The correspondents from abroad seem to be invisible. It is precisely in this publishing world that those working from abroad seem to be put aside. Although we hope that the situation will take its own case as soon as possible, it is considerable that this may not be the case. There is one factor that all these correspondents share with others: non-regular private life. Extra-conjugal activities appear to be the predilettes by them. In order to better understand this kind of concept, it is necessary to make a time leap in 1800. Now we find the story between Bower and Morton, two friends, two journalists with different life. Harold Bower and Savile Morton were great friends and both journalists. The first one was a man with his head on his shoulders, married with Frances and had children too.

A personal matter

Morton was very free about his sentimental life and preferred to have relationship with woman from other man. He worked as a correspondent for the Morning Advertiser newspaper, while Bower for Morning Post. When Bower had to move away, his friend took care of his wife Frances. This one got seriously hill and Morton kept watch over her tireless. After the woman became pregnant and, at the birth of the child, he trusted her husband that the baby had another father: Morton. Bower went in the living room where was Morton and killed him by a knife. He then escape to England but returned to Paris where suffered the trial for murder. These fact, however, were viewed with a good eye and he obtained a new job in the Morning Advertised. Bower stayed in Paris all his life, where he died at 69 years old.


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