Cuomo is already proven guilty, according to the media and politicians

Even President Joe Biden seems to stand against a fair trial

Cuomo is already proven guilty

After the last interview released by President Joe Biden, it seems that NY Governor Cuomo is already proven guilty, according to the media and politicians. I find it unfair there are two different ongoing trials against the governor, one political and one regarding the harassment allegations. In this way, his political opponents have found how to rid off their enemy avoiding to run against him.

Why is Cuomo already proven guilty?

The American media, as well as politicians, are constantly obsessed by the harassment allegations against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. During the last days, most of politicians, especially progressist democrats, have been asking for the resignation of the governor, highlighting they do not believe in a fair trial once again. I cannot understand how it is possible to ask for a resignation while facing still non-proven allegations. I find it nonsense the fact that many of Cuomo’s political opponents believe to have the right to cancel a democratic election basing on unverified declarations, some of which really ridiculous.

Biden’s interview, a sign Dems do not believe in fair trial anymore

An aspect that made me feel shocked was yesterday’s Biden interview. When the President was asked whether he thinks Cuomo should resign because of the harassment allegations, the answer was: “Yes, I think he’ll probably end up being persecuted, too. A woman should be presumed telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward. Takes a lot of courage to come forward. So, the presumption is they should be taken seriously. And it should be investigated. And that’s what’s underway now”. I was shocked by the fact a President has taken such a position during an ongoing investigation.

Most of all, it made me feel upset a President who has experienced the same situation is able to speak in this way. When women accused him, Biden ended up saying he did not do anything. The media decided not to say anything in particular about it, maybe because they hope he could have won the elections. Mr. President, why do the women who accuse Cuomo have the right to ask for an investigation while the ones who accused you have not? Well, I would call it hypocrite and cowardice. Maybe Biden fears the fact that, without condemning Cuomo, he could lose the support of progressists.

Cuomo’s opponents have found how to rid off their enemy

Once again, Dems try to destroy their own allies themselves. Many are seeing a sort of repeat of what happened to Senator Al Franken. Cuomo’s political enemies see the opportunity to rid off a formidable threat without running against him. And now, helped too by the media, these same enemies are making out ridiculous allegations against Andrew Cuomo. As long as you have sense of humor, these kinds of allegation can make you laugh. However, I personally believe that you can have sense of humor anymore, especially after having seen the current situation the governor is facing. I am sure of only a thing: Governor Cuomo must go on with his great work with his head held high. And only the citizens will decide whether Cuomo has lost trust or not during the next elections.

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