Diet culture: a monster we can still fight

We have to know this phenomenon.

Diet culture

Culture. This word usually leads us to school desks. To univerity rooms. Between a book`s pages. Neverthless, this term hides some other shades. Even if culture is our mind`s food, doesn`t mean it could be only intended in this way. Diet culture is the perfect exemple to confirm this hypothesis.

What is diet culture?

It`s summer. The sun shines every day in the blue sk. Flowers are blooming. People ejoy themselves on the beach. Those thoughts are meant to bring us joy and happiness. Well, they partly do. It`s just that, we cannot forget part of the topic. Summer is hot. And heat makes us undress. We uncover our bodies. Even some parts that we dont`t feel comfortable with. So, the question is: why do we feel like this? And, above all: are these thoughts authentic?Let`s try to give some answers. Diet culture could offer some replies to us. Diet culture is nothing but a rigid set of expectations about valuing thinness and attractiveness over physical health and emotional well-being.

It`s not eay to say how and when this phenomenon started. We can only affirm that it became more and more popular over time. Philosophers often talk about natural state. With this term, they refer to a hypothetical wild state untouched by civilization. This means not being conditionated by any social belief or attitude. We can consider natural state as an impossible situation. In fact, every human being is hardly affected by social convictions. And surely, people`s bodies are the most hit object. Since we`re only little children, judgments submerge every single person. “What a chubby baby!“People saym, by staring at a fat baby. During the first years f life, fatness is considered as a sign of good health. Then, we grow up. And things change.

The challenge of becoming an adult

As we grow older, being fat becomes a kind of flaw. Not because fatness is a real problem. We act like this, because of some social beliefs that come from diet culture. We`re used to associate beauty, health and success to thinness. Many people are convinced that a beautiful and healthy body has for sure a thin shape. And this is totatally false. As human beings of the 21st century, we know the concept of diversity very well. We know that skin has different colours depending on the genetic code that originates it. Our friends`s eyes own different shades. There are short and tall persons. So, let`s just extend this knowledge to our waistlines. In fact, people can be naturally thin or naturally fat. This means that fatness is not necessery a pathologicl symptom. And, in any case, just a medical doctor can clarify this situation.

Morgyn Arnold is the mirror of our society

Can we defeat diet culture?

Good news: th answer to this question is surely positive. By the way, it takes some effort to win this battle. That`s because we are dealing with e strong monster. So, we have to pull out our sharpest weapons. For this reason, we have to start from the bottom. From all those details that we frequently consider tiny. Even when they`re not. The main exemple is language. In this article, we dont`t find any term of endearment or diminutve of the word “Fat“. Since this is just word, an adjective, we do not have to be afraid to use it. We usally dont`t find ourselves insicure to use the term “Thin“. So, why should it be different with “Fat“? The problem is explained once again, by the diet culture.

This phenomenon makes us believe that being thin is a privelege. And that, on the other hand, being fat is something to be ashamed of. And this is such a wrong idea. Let`s just utilize this word in a descriptive way. We all remember March and April 2020. Everyone was stuck at home. For this reason, every social media was full of advices about how to keep our bodies in shape. This tendence should make us reflect. Even in a so stressful time, some human beings focus on theire figures. This is not theire fault. As affirmed preciously, people are conditionated from this fever. This misbelief that keeps illusion of a perfect body alive.

Key word: listen

It`s not easy to reflect about something we`re always been used to. And it`s even harder to change our attitudes. Just remember: hard doesnt`t mean impossible. We can do it. And we`ve got an ace in the hole. We have to focus on ourelves. On our emotions. Asking ourselves more questions is a good start. For instance, if we want to lose some weight, let`s try to understand why. Let`s wonder ourselves the reasons. In many cases, we desire to slim down in order to look more attractive. And, sadly, in our society beauy and thinnes are strictly linked. So stop. Breathe. And remember that, as Mahatma Gandhi used to affirm “You are the change you want to see in the word“.

That`s why we all should do something to fight body stigmas and diet culture. It`s hard. Be kind with yourself. Forgive yourself for wat you cannot do it. And enjoy any act of change. If you understand that you want to be thinner just because some social convinctions, it`s okay. You are not alone. The path is long. We can walk hand in hand.


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