Due process has been dying in the United States

Due process has been dying in the United States

America has always represented a stronghold of justice and democracy. However, several inquiries have been showing how lack of due processes is affecting this country. A recent case is the one involving Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York State who has now decided to resign. Among undue processes and unilateral inquires, here is why the death of due process is a serious issue in one of the strongest nations in the world.

Due process: what has leaded to its death in the US?

While president Biden invites the world leaders for a Summit for democracy to demonstrate his intentions to make America the epicenter of the international community again, many just do not realize what is dying in the USA: due processes. Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned Tuesday, after an AG’s report accused him to have harassed several women. However, this report looks more like a unilateral inquiry, made without listening properly to the version of the facts of the defendant. Process to Cuomo was carried on by the media, which has repeatedly sought a way to destroy and smear him.

Attorney General Letitia James stated her verdict comes from the fact she basically believes the female complainants. However, she actually does not show any real proof supporting Cuomo did what he was accused for. But a due process does not work in this way. Every citizen deserves to be listened and to have an equal inquiry. To defend oneself sharing facts and pieces of evidence does not mean to accuse the complainant. It is just the base of a due process.

The development of the #MeToo’s creeds states concerns for the society

My biggest concern is in regard of the fact #MeToo is progressively developing as a weapon to destroy those who people do not get along well with. MeToo is extending out of all proportions consolidated juridical notions. It has in an undue manner conditioned various types of intersubjective relationships, leading to dynamics of attribution of responsibility through processes of blaming. ‘To believe in women’ is not a law, but a creed. Most of all, lawyers, attorneys and judges should not be activists, but defenders of the law and the Constitution, as well as the integrity of the latter. Justice is not a sentiment based on suppositions, but something acting using proofs and facts.

What can president Biden do in reagard of this?

Democrats are good at one thing for sure: to destroy one another, while republicans go on their own way. American democracy faced a setback last 6th January, and Biden is supposed to be aware of this. The whole world watched incredulous the biggest assault to democracy occurring in front of one of the most important institutions of the stronghold of democracy itself. Biden inherited a divided and polarized America, and he is doing a good job in seeking how to make US democracy bright again. But in a due democracy everyone deserves a due process, so he could seek a way to sort out these issues as well. After all, is not Biden the leader who wants to put and end to fake trials in Russia, Belarus and other world nations?  

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