Eberhard: new blue version for the model “1887”


Blue is becoming an essential color in the world of watchmaking. Many are, in fact, the interested people who even argue “blue is the new black”. And it is right along this trend the brand Eberhard & Co adopts blue as its official color for the model “1887”.  

Eberhard & Co: has a new version been launched?

Blue is progressively becoming a very common color for modern design in watchmaking. This color is becoming an integral part of the new trend among the watch market. It is right along this trend the watchmaking brand Eberhard & Co has started using blue for its new model “1887”. But not just this, because it will also be the official chroma of the entire brand itself.

Characteristics of the watch

1887 Remontage Manuel is equipped with an exclusive EB140 caliber, chargeable by hand. Its architecture is appositely created for Maison La Chaux-Fonds. Incisions are gold. This watch is characterized by smooth lines, with a blue clock face, from a manufacture “Clous de Paris”. This clock face has a vintage style, with roman numbers and rhodium-plated indexes and trapezoidal date window. The relief logo is a symbol of the Maison, documented archives dated to the beginning of the 1900s. The central zone is made of sapphire glass in order to allow the caliber to be more appreciated in terms of style. Chromatism is very uniformed, and the watchstrap is made of blue alligator.

This model represents the strong connection between Eberhard & Co and its foundation. The brand has had its head office in the Maison since 2019. It is a historical baroque palace, also known as “La Maison de l’Aigle”. There is also a Eberhard Museum in there, in order to offer the public the possibility to admire all the watchmaking historical products.

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