Elections in France: Hidalgo and Le Pen in the spotlight for 2022

Elections in France: boost with number of women candidates

As the end of Macron’s first term approaches, many are the alleged candidates applying for taking part in the elections in France and consequently entering the list of people willing to defeat the president the next year. In particular, France is facing a boost in terms of women candidates. To be in the spotlight are Marine Le Pen and Anne Hidalgo, whose policies are poles apart.

Elections approach in France

In France, the end of Macron’s presidential mandate is coming. Its conclusion dates to April 2022. Because of this, electoral campaigns are already entering the country’s political scenario. Day by day, the list of possible candidates willing to challenge president Macron is getting longer. Among this, the number of women applying for the campaign is boosting. In particular, two names stand out from this list: extreme-right leader Marine Le Pen and the current Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Two women completely poles apart.

Who are Anne Hidalgo and Marine Le Pen, the two women candidates currently in the spotlight?

Hidalgo is daughter of a couple of migrants from Spain. The woman arrived in France when she was just a two-year-old child. Her values are based mainly on social democracy and republican equality. Hidalgo’s priorities to achieve a better France, which she has explained in her upcoming book “Une Femme Francaise”, regard ecological transition, to confront inequalities, to give back dignity and space by increasing salary to those identified as ‘invisible’, but who carry on the society with their work. Another pivotal aspect is related to education, in regard of which Hidalgo proposes to increase the salary for school employees in favor of a better education environment. ‘With humility, aware of the seriousness of these times, and willing to make our hopes our life’s reality, I have decided to apply for the presidency of Republic of France to build a stronger and fairer France”, said Hidalgo in an announcement.

On the other hand, France has a Marine Le Pen identified as a so-called ‘freedom defender’. Her political campaign leverages on hate and divisions. As a matter of fact, her program points out the necessity to arrange a referendum on immigration, as well as her will to leave NATO. Another aspect she cares of regards to privatize State TV and nationalize highways. According to Le Pen, her own program is neither a right-party one nor a left-party one.

Other candidates

Other alleged candidate is supposed to be France’s extreme-left leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Instead, as regards liberal right parties, Xavier Bertrand is supposed to apply. Bertrand was minister of Labor during Chirac presidency. The other candidate is Valérie Pécresse, a liberal right politician, as well.

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