First dishes with cheese: how to prepare them to the best

First dishes with cheese

Cheese makes first dishes taster and creamier, also giving the possibility to make various combinations and contrasts, preparing unique dishes and valorizing them. From raspadura to mozzarella, from burrata to taleggio, here is some advice in order to prepare first dishes with cheese.

How to prepare first dishes with cheese?

It is known cheese is a base food capable of constitute an integral part for a perfect recipe, something which can go much over than a simple creaming or grated. Sure, every recipe has its best cheese to use. For example, ricotta is excellent for dishes with a rustical sensation. Delicate, light and creamy, ricotta is a good ingredient for those who want to prepare authentical recipes. Instead, mozzarella, pecorino and provolone are perfect for those who like first dishes with stringy forkfuls.

How to cut cheese

The first step to prepare a recipe with cheese is to find a smart way to cut it into slices, or at least smaller parts which have to be integrated with the rest of the ingredients. When we talk either about soft cheese or spreadable cheese, it is pretty simple: the ingredient has to be stirred with the others, otherwise spread over bread or similar. The real work comes when you deal with hard cheese. In such a case, a grater is one of the best ways to cook cheese in a recipe. Choose the grater carefully, making sure it will give results like a fine mixture, capable of reducing cheese in small and light slices whose consistence is almost impalpable.

How to stir first dishes with cheese

When you melt cheese, it tends to regain its original consistence. This can cause problem, as many people just do not know that you need a technique to stir with cheese. When you season pasta with cheese, in fact, you have to stir the mixture before it becomes sticky, often adding a little bit of cooking water.

The cooking

The final steps of preparation are crucial when you cook pasta, rice, or more generally a first dish with cheese. You have to pay attention to avoid the dish does not harden while serving, as well as to check whether the dish has been drained al dente.

First dishes with cheese: recipes

Here are some examples of first dishes with cheese to prepare:

  • Ravioli with goat sauce
  • Pasta with peppers, fava beans and ricotta
  • Fusilli with escarole cream, anchovies, ‘nduja and burrata
  • Risotto with provolone and nettles
  • Rice with tomato and burrata
  • Pie Dough with mozzarella and anchovies
  • Risotto with mozzarella di bufala

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