Florence: art and culture need to start over


In Florence, is present an installation to say that art, culture and museum need to start over. In fact, art and culture seem to be inside a lockdown prison. Now it’s time to explain a message about them.

Why Florence art and culture need to start over?

In Florence, the decade of one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces appears torn. It’s possibile to see from the outside, the inside of a closed museum. But it’s like museum is coming out, tearing the Lockdown prison. Ccontemporary artwork to say that art, museums and culture need to start over. A wound, or better “The Wound.” A really gash in the wall. A symbolic gash that seems an optical illusion a desire an even a superstition. In short, all tools that art has at its disposal to communicate an idea, like a different perspective. But, in fact, the massege wants express a discomfort and a collettive suffering.

Street Art for Rights: an artistic project to launch a message

“La Ferita” shows a messege of suffering

The visual impact is remarkable and since yesterday morning, when it was presented, the image of this artwork is making rounds of all social media. “La Ferita” symbolically tears apart one of the side of Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence. Artwork is 28 meters high and 33 meters wide. The monumental istallation is by JR. He is a contemporary French artist, famous mostly for his photographic and street works. The artist wants to represent the discomfort, suffering of art’s places inaccessible by Covid. JR’s work is precisely the trompe-l’oeil of a gash through which the courtyard of the Renaissance palace can be seen from the square. An imaginary closed-up with it contains works.


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