From guns to Cuomo allegations: what makes the US society fall down

The US public opinion is concentrated more on banalities than on the real issues throughout the country

From guns to Cuomo allegations

The US today’s public opinion is affected by several issues that should be sorted out. In this new America, it seems that the media and the citizens are more concentrated on irrelevant facts rather than on worrying issues. From guns to still non-proven allegations against NY Cuomo, The United States of America need a solution to this polarization.

From guns to Cuomo: what does make the US fall down?

In a more and more polarized America, it seems the public opinion is keeping more concentrated on irrelevant issues rather than on real issues that the USA suffer from today. Another mass shooting has occurred in the last days. An armed man has killed ten people in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. However, the American newspapers are more interested in getting after the events regarding the accuses against NY Governor Cuomo. The media seem more interested in how many swabs he gave to his relatives rather than anything else. A question comes spontaneously: do you think any other governor hasn’t done anything like that too?

America detains the highest rate of gun possession in the world

America has got a dark side for which regards guns, this an important fact to be noticed. The second amendment of the American Constitution states the right of any citizen to detain a weapon. But for doing what precisely?  The whole country is recording an increasing rate of gun selling. During the pandemic, while people all over the world got in line to buy some food, in some places in the US they did the same to buy guns. According to a report by the Congressional Research Service, there are more weapons than people. This report also shows 20% of gun possessors detains 65% of guns. Furthermore, it highlights that the USA represent 4.4% of the world population, but 42% of armed civilians in the world.

The United States also detained the sad record of homicides by guns than any other occidental country. This is six times more than Canada and sixteen more than Germany. President Biden invited the Congress to negotiate a smart solution in order to sort out, at least in part, this issue. Biden claimed: “I don’t need to wait for another minute more to take common sense measures which will save lives in the future and to urge the Congress to act”.

The public opinion has to wake up

However, it seems that, once again, a completely divided America is not able to find a meeting point for relevant issues. And the media prefer writing about banalities instead of expose facts properly in order to inform people, maybe because they hope to earn more in this way. I think the American people have to wake up, and look at issues which are very important to solve. There is not only Andrew Cuomo and his allegations to look at. Not every behavior has to be classified as harassment, and this will only lead to be wary of women who really experienced abuses. And the major issues won’t be sorted out in this way.

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