From speculation to tears: Britney Spears reaction

Britney Spears

After two months the release of documentary “Framing Britney Spears”, the artist takes courage and through a vide, in which she’s dancing, responds to her fan about it. A suffering deriving from media speculation.

What has told Britney Spears?

After realizing that the family manages its estate, their followers, launched an hashtag: #FreeBritney. So, the singer then, decided to respond to them. Trough a video, in which she dances a song by Steve Tyler: “Crazy”. The answer is strong, extremely sweet and delicate as Spears remembers the pain and fatigue of her past life. About how much harm has been done to her. Her life as a media phenomenon, a speculation, have slowly killed her. We remember well the time when they talked about nothing but what Britney did. About what she was doing about her life under the influence of alcohol and drugs. They don’t leave her alone. They do not want to make her go on with her life in a serene way, continue to haunt her and pass her off as a freak.

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The documentary of her life

So fragile and sensitive, at the time of the release of the documentary, which is based on her own life, she just didn’t make it. Everything that was shown, everything they said was not true. She didn’t even manage to finish seeing him bursting into tears. Month later, when she thinks back to all the humiliations she has had to endure and continues to endure, she cries out loud. And to be happy and seek serenity, she dances to the notes of Steven Tyler. Maybe to remember the good times on stage, or perhaps to think that life is better. However, we wish her to find the beauty of life and the freedom of it again, to reborn in spite of everything.


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