Governor Cuomo: I do believe in his words

Governor Cuomo:

Yesterday Attorney General Letitia James released the report concerning the result of the investigations regarding the allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Andrew Cuomo. It stands out Cuomo has been accused for having harassed eleven women. However, it seems this trial has been carried on believing by default to the women involved, without letting the defense to tell their own version of the facts properly. These dynamics will surely lead to mistrust towards those who have truly experienced real sexual harassment or assault, in a society of unfairness.

Not a real due process for governor Cuomo

Yesterday Letitia James, the Attorney General of the State of New York, published the report concerning her investigations in regard of sexual harassment complaints to Andrew Cuomo. In the report, the New York AG pleads him guilty to have harassed eleven women, violating both the state and federal law. During a press conference, James defined “heroic” all the women involved for having had enough courage to tell the truth. Now, after the report having come out, top Democrats, even President Joe Biden, ask Cuomo to resign.

As Cuomo’s trial did not take place in Russia or in North Korea, I am supposed to believe there has been a due process. However, if this was a due process, why to listen exclusively to the women’s version of the fact? Why to believe by default to women, without letting the defense to do what they are asked to do, to defend themselves and tell their own version? Apparently, this trial has not been much fair…

What the #MeToo era will lead to?

In the #MeToo era, people are more and more getting used to believe directly to women, and an accused man is not supposed to have the right to defend himself anymore. This will not lead to benefits for women, of course. Indeed, this will lead to an era where real victims of real harassment and assault won’t be listened anymore, with other women condemning any minimal attitude towards them as harassment. Such a situation is surely going to create an environment of mistrust, at the expense of those who really suffer from sexual harassment and assault.

We need to listen to Cuomo’s words, as well

James’s report does not say any more than what reported on newspapers throughout the last moths. Rather than a due process, this looks like a media process. Attorney for governor Cuomo Rita Glavin published a counter report in which she shows the governor’s version of the facts. So, I ask myself, why don’t newspapers report Cuomo’s act of defense, too, instead to label him as guilty? Why many define this response an act of Cuomo to keep the power, instead of reading it, as well?

Andrew Cuomo has been in politics for forty years, and he has always had the courage to ‘put his face on it” in spite of the unpopularity of some decisions.  As governor of New York, he has reached results no one has ever reached before. He has gone through what nobody has ever gone through. With this, I repeat it, I am not meant to say he is a perfect person. But he deserves respect and a due process. Yesterday, during his live speech, he explained his version of the facts, and this deserves to be listened as the women’s.

Dear President Biden…

My last consideration in regard of this situation is for president Biden. He said, as I wrote before, Cuomo should resign after the revelation from the report. But has the president also listened to what Cuomo had to say, as well? Or just the women involved in the allegations? How many women accused Biden of harassment? He liquidated almost everything, with the phrase “Believe me”. So, as he thinks that we have to believe to women, why doesn’t he have the courage, like Cuomo did, to open an investigation concerning his accusers? This is 2021’s America, where everyone looks after their own, with an all against all dynamics. This is what leaded to Trump’s election some years ago. And this is what must not go on in order not to have a similar scenario in 2024.

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