Governor Cuomo is the main aim of the US political scenario

Governor Cuomo

NY Governor Cuomo is the society’s viewfinder these days. There are currently several harassment allegations against him reported by nine women. If you read them, these allegations seem to be futile. But are women really convinced that is the way to get power? That is only a way which will lead to minimize who really has troubles with harassment.

Governor Cuomo: the main aim of the current US society

In the last months, the NY Governor is the media and politicians’ viewfinder. Cuomo is accused for having manipulated the Covid deaths of elderly people in the nursing homes. But most of all, the US media, as well as the citizens, are all concentrated on allegations for sexual harassment against the governor. The State attorney general opened an investigation in order to verify all the allegations. However, many politicians and media have decided not to wait for the end of the investigations. Instead, they have chosen to condemn him without any concrete evidence.

Every day comes a woman who accuses Cuomo for harassment. Everyone claims allegations, most of which are ridiculous. It seems that in the US young white women who define themselves as progressists are trying to get power through a sort of victimhood. Each allegation gives a contribution to minimize real issues regarding real sexual harassment in front of the public opinion.

Those are futile allegations

As a woman, I feel upset when I hear allegations against Andrew Cuomo are of the kind “He observed me with his glance as to mean ‘you’re pretty’ “or “I supposed he wanted to sleep with me” or “He asked me what I was going to do in the weekend” or “He said to me ‘ciao bella’ “. Something that made me really feel shocked was when Lindsey Boylan, the first Cuomo accuser, published on Twitter a photo of Cuomo while he is vigorously shaking a woman’s hand. In her tweet, Boylan wrote the way the governor shakes hands is part of his rape culture. I am used to define that as pure craziness. Every American woman would have to condemn the action of Boylan.

Cuomo’s not perfect, but can do his job well

Dear Americans, I have always admired the American Dream, but I have to tell you I am sincerely worried of this new attitude of the American society. I am not meant to define Andrew Cuomo as a perfect man. Sure, many may consider him as an overbearing person, and maybe observe that, as every Italian man he loves flirting with women. Nevertheless, dear New Yorkers, think before making an excellent governor lose the power just because the “pure” progressists want to get power.

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