Green Pass: the new rules stated by Rome

Green Pass: the new rules stated by Rome

In the last days, the government of Italy has carried out several new rules in regard of Green Pass and measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic further. In particular, the new protocols outline how the unvaccinated and the exempted have to behave, as well as what is likely to occur with employees who are not in possession of the vaccine certification. New protocols also for the vaccination campaign and smart working. Here is what Rome has handed down in detail.

Green Pass at work: what if an employee is not in possession of it?

Employees must be in possession of a Green Pass to access the office. Those who do not provide any proof of their immunity will be considered as unjustified absents. Salary will be blocked until the given employee does not get vaccinated with at least the first shot. This first factor has hugely impacted the vaccination campaign, with many people joining the campaign to obtain the Green Pass. This order will be effective from October 15. Starting from this date, every office will be asked to make a first check requiring all the employees to show their COVID-19 vaccine certificate. Offices and companies are allowed to temporary suspend the validity of the pass in the case an employee is tested positive after having completed the vaccination cycle.


Those who are unvaccinated must show to have been tested negative for COVID by doing a swab. Molecular swabs will be effective for 72 hours, while antigenic swabs will last 48 hours. The cost is supposed to be up to 15 euros. Those who cannot get vaccinated due to health reasons will have the possibility to get swabs for free. The government does not exclude eventual sample check throughout the day in the office.

Platforms for Green Pass-checking

A platform to check Green Passes at work will be provided. Sogei, a society controlled by the Ministry of Economics, has developed it. The administration will insert employees’ fiscal Codes into the device. When the employees access the office, the program will cross personal and health data.

Smart working and vaccines

There is news related to the future dynamics of smart working. Many ask whether employees working from home should be asked to show a Green Pass or not. Since no one is in smart working a hundred percent, everyone is supposed to be in possession of the vaccination certificate, like anyone else.

A third dose

Green Passes to become madatory are not, however, the only new rule imposed by the government for the month of October. Health Minister Roberto Speranza is in fact expected to sign an order stating citizens will get a third shot of vaccine. In particular, this rule is addressed to nursing homes and fragile people. Healthcare personnel may be involved also.

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