Hotel de la Ville could be “The place to be”

This could the place you're dreaming of.


Summer is knocking on the door. And with its heat and sparkling colours, it carries the desire to explore the world. As we all know, we’re living such an hard time. Expecially for those who dream a lot. By the way, let’s admit it: dreaming is free. And, even if it’s hard to believe it, sometimes dreams come true. So, why don’t imagine ourselvs immersed in the beauty of a magnificent town? In Italy, tourism is restarting. Today we’re discovering a very luxurious place in the Eternal Town. The “Hotel de la Ville” in Rome.

Hotel de la Ville: does it really fit you?

Everybody loves holidays. We’re all sourranded by beauty. An enchantment that is surely worth it to explore. However, different people likes to travel in different ways. There’s persons who simply need to see the world. No metter how. By the way, this is just a little part of reality. If you’re not someone who only requires a backpack on the shoulders to leave, maybe you’re looking for somthing more comfortable. And, in some cases, something luxurious.

If so, Hotel de la Ville perfectly suits you. This incredible building is placed between Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti. Right in the heart of Rome.And it’s not over. If you ever choose to stay here, you’re having the opportunity to look at the city skyline from a XXVII century palace. Here, old and modern times mix together creating a perfect balance. You can breath culture and history. And, in the mean time, you can be spoiled in many ways.

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“The place to be”

That’s how Hotel de la Ville is called. Taliking about enjoying time, here’s how you can do it here. If you’re a food lover, this is the perfect location for you. You’ll have the chance to taste many romains creations. The Michelin- starred chef Fulvio Pierangelini will be pleased to welcome you in his reign. And, again, it’s not over. What about enjoying a good meal with a view? So, come and visit the highest part of this building. Hotel de la Ville offers you the chance to look the Eternal City from “Cielo Terrace”. Litterally: “Sky Terrace”. Placed at the seventh floor of the palace, this open- air space is perfect to admire the beauty of Rome. And maybe, gift to you some time to reflect

The importance of enjoying life

We just said it. We’re living such a hard time. The more life goes on, the more it makes us know its obstacles. And, with them, a clear message. Our time on Earth is not that long. We all need to enjoy it. We require to love and to be loved. And, of course, to appreciete the sourranding environment. Surely Hotel de la Ville doesn’t represent a option that everyone can afford. However, it’s not essential to visit expensive destinations in order to be happy. There are many ways to explore this world. Tourism is finally starting over. So, let’s just check for the option that fits us better and seize it. Life is brutal. However, if we explore its shades, we can still appreciete our crazy travel on Earth.


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