Hyperpop new musical sound of this year


According to Gunseli Yalcinkaya, hyperpop is the new sound for the post-pandemic world. To understand what is it, it’s enough to listen the first song of the same name playlist on Spotify, which is the inventor of the term-container.

What is hyperpop?

It embraces a fairly varied genre of annoying, disturbing and disturbing music. Which seems to come from a broken, crazy and drugged video game. Or from a sequence of Tik Tok music videos, full of glitches. On a mainstream level, we can mention Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama. But the most rapresentative are certainly the 100 gecs. The duo is composed by Dylan Brady and Laura Les, twenty-years old from Missouri and glave, a 16 years-old from Noth Carolina, who Made debut at the beginning of the pandemic. Hyperpop term was used for the first time in 2014 to describe the electronic pop of PC Music. The experimental label of British producer and songwriter A.G Cook.

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A not so original invention

Hyperpop is the perfect music for the period we are living in but “homemade viral music” approach has Been around for a while: two of those teenagers locked in a room fiddling and singing have become Billie Eilish and our talented Tha Supreme. 100 gecs cite PC Music as their most important influence. Exploded in 2019 with their debut album 1000 gecs, they had been play together since 2015. The song “money machine” mixes electro-rock, rap and robotic vocals. It has garnered over 40 million plays on Spotify. In response to the duo’s viral success, Spotify launched a Hyperpop playlist and called then to curate it. This one, lasts 5 hours and 32 minutes.


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