Insomnia? Food to avoid and prefer


If you have an insomnia problem sometimes it’s just because of the food that you eat before to sleep. So don’t desperate or drive mad to find a solutions for this problem… the answer might be on your table during the dinner. So here is what promotes insomnia and what to eat to say goodbye

What are food and drink to avoid?

The insomnia is not always caused by food. Often it’s generate by what we drink in the evening. One of the most famous promotes of the insomnia it’s coffe. But it’s not alone. Is important avoid drinking tea and alcoholic or superalcholic beverages. Ginseng-based drinks, hot chocolate and very sugary drinks such as cola, soda and the like are also prohibited. As for food who will keep you awake all night we have: very aged and fermented cheeses of food such as cured meats, foods preserved in salt, smoked salmon, olives and canned meat. Do not forget fried food .. is one of the worst enemies!

Allies to overcome insomnia

For have a night sleep we need to eat food rich of tryptophan, magnesium and melatonin. We can find these substances in foods likes whole grains, pasta, oats, chicory, turnip greens, lettuce, spinach, cod and salmon, bananas and apricots. For excellent digestion food make by fresh cheeses, chicken, fish and dried fruit are better

An herbal tea for a better digestion

The digestion process is really important before to go to bed. A too demanding digestive process can cause insomnia, intermittent and disturbed sleep. An herbal tea before to sleep might be the perfect solution. The most comun herbal tea are: Valerian, Poppy, Orange flowers, Chamomile, Hawthorn, Linden, Melissa

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