Italian Navy officer arrested for espionage

He sold NATO documents to Russians

Italian Navy officer arrested for espionage

The police arrested the Italian Navy officer Walter Biot and a Russian military officer. They are both held responsible for espionage offenses. Biot sold the Russian officer some NATO documents and was then paid with 5,000 euros. Italy has already expelled several Russian diplomats.

Why has an Italian Navy officer been arrested for espionage?

Tension increases between Italy and Russian after the ROS Carabinieri department have arrested two officers, one Italian and another Russian, because of alleged involvement in espionage offenses. Navy officer Walter Biot sold NATO documents to a Russian military officer and was then paid with 5,000 euro. They are both held responsible for serious espionage offenses, as well as interference in the State national security. The Russian officer, who served for the ambassy, has been expelled from the country. Italy will provide to expel his boss, too. Such a procedure has to be applied as diplomats cannot be arrested or condemned in a foreign country.

As asked by foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, Farnesina has called to the ministry Sergei Razov, the Russian ambassador in Rome, to whom the government has announced the measures it is going to take for what happened. The government in Rome argues it is better not to comment the spy story at the moment in order not to aggravate relations with Moscow. Minister Di Maio has also expelled other two Russian diplomats, Alexey Nemudrov and Dmitri Ostroukov.

Walter Biot sold NATO documents to Russian officers

Authorities convict Navy frigate captain Walter Biot, currently in jail, to have sold reserved documents to a foreign service. Everytime he made an exchange with the Russians, he got 5,000 euros in cash. In addition to several dossiers from Italy, it seems Biot stole several NATO top secret documents. This makes a contribution to put at risk not just the government of Italy, but also the international security among foreign countries. The ROS department has triggered an operation after they were sure there was going to occur a money exchange between Biot and the Russian officer.

Di Maio, “I thank everyone who works for our national security”

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio thanked the Intelligence of Italy via Facebook, where he wrote: “On the occasion of the convocation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Russian ambassador in Italy, we transmitted to him the protest from the government of Italy, as well as notified the immediate expulsion of both the two Russian officials involved in this very serious event. I thank our Intelligence, as well as all the State apparatuses which work for our national security every day”.

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