Italians prefer coffee pods for taste and convenience

Coffee pods

The dear and old Moka gives way to coffee pods in Italians’ heart. It seems to be a better way to enjoy a coffee together or on their own. Also this kind of way, it’s more tasty and convenience.

Why Italians prefer coffee pods?

As we told, this kind of way to prepare coffee risults easier than Moka. And also more convenience and tasty. It seems that Italian people leave old habits to open a way to the new. A greater number of pods, unlike the first ones on the market, are compatible with many coffee machines. This is extremely convenient for regular coffee consumers. And everyone has the chance to taste and produce a good one. Coffee pods are made of paper and therefore favors recycling and is not harmful to the environment. The flavor of this coffee, moreover, is the one that comes closest to the classic bar taste.

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The uses of coffee grounds

An extremely useful thing then, is the reuse of coffee grounds for other purposes. it can be used as a fertilizer for plants. So, it removes parasites and promotes their growth. Also, it’s functional as a body scrub. Removing dead cells. The power of caffeine is also excellent in cosmetics. In fact, the anti-cellulite treatment is not new to people. The ants will no longer be a problem if you remove them with the coffee ground. Bad smell from the refrigerator will go away because the coffee will absorb it quickly. In short, it is not just a matter of preference. Italians have chosen this new path for. Lot of reasons. Although these are also in favor of the environment and, to be more ecological.


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