Jordan: monarchy crisis worries the Middle East


A monarchy crisis in the midst of one of the most complex areas in the world. Jordan, bordering along Israel and Palestinian territories, is suffering from a crisis without precedents because of the arrest of prince Hamzah, half-brother of king Abdallah. Sure, this internal issue is going to affect the entire region, worrying countries in an already difficult political situation.

Monarchy crisis in Jordan worries the Middle East

A crisis has kicked off in Jordan since prince Hamzah, half-brother of king Abdallah as well as former heir prince, was placed under house arrest. In the meantime, fifteen influent figures of the Jordanian scenario have been jailed. The foreign minister mentions a plot in order to “destabilize the kingdom”. According to his belief, a foreign power is helping this attempted coup by sending planes to let some people close to the prince escape. Hamzah himself talked about this outstanding crisis in a video sent to the BBC. In the video, the prince denies any plot and comes with a sort of pleading against the corruption and incompetence of the government of Jordan, putting in evidence the lack of trust sentiments of the citizenship to the regime.

A plot or just critics?

Sure, the internal issue in Jordan is going to hugely affect the nearby nations, in a more and more difficult situation for the entire Middle East. Jordan borders along Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well ad Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. What happened to Jordan will surely reflect on the political stability of the Middle East. Now, it is not easy to answer a question about whether what we are looking at nowadays in the internal scenario of Jordan is a real plot or maybe just a myriad of critics. It is also true people tend to consider diatribes among a royal family as plots.

On the other hand, what makes you think about a conspiracy in this case is the reference to a foreign power, something closer to a coup than to an internal conflict within a family to be sorted out as fast as possible. However, an attempt to overthrow the kingdom of Abdallah has not occurred.

Middle East countries express support to the kingdom

Many are the nations that have expressed support to the king of Jordan. In the evening of April 4, Saudi king Salman called Abdallah and told him he hopes a great deal to see a return to the kingdom. A peculiar fact if you think that the Sauds and the Hashemitis have been rivals for decades. On the very same day, the defense minister of Israel Benny Gantz claimed the events in Amman are an internal issue of Jordan. Furthermore, the State of Israel expresses its full interest in maintaining the alliance with the kingdom.

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