Legs pain: the possible causes and solutions

Legs pain

The most annoying pain for women is legs pain. Here we show the possible causes and solutions. There is strong and light pain which is annoying but really bearable. Every kind of pain has its solution.

What kind of legs pain have you got?

As we told, it exist a lot of legs pain. There is light, strong and even the heaviest. This one is most suffering that doesn’t allow you to walk. Then, there is what is due to heaviness, swelling and lack circulation. And, again, the one that calms down with a little rest and finally the one that comes from a too sedentary life. So, depending on the type of pain, there can be different types of causes. In most cases, there can be gruped into three main groups: vascular affections, muscolar affections, joint affections.

Vascular and muscolar affections

Among the possible causes concerning vascular deseases are venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Venous insufficiency occurs when the valves in the veins ( which allow blood to pass from the feet to the heart) are blocked. This causes leg pain, then cramps and a sense of constrinction. The most recommended remedies are therapeutic, elastic graduated compression stockings and the anti-fatigue gel to be applied to the affected area. Concerning muscle affections, the main causes are cramps and muscle contractures. In some cases the cause could be find in a pathology called fibromyalgia. The most useful and effective remedies are stretching, massages and aerobic physical activity.

Joint affections

Possible causes include tendonits and arthritis. Tendonits is an inflammation of the tendon that occurs following more acute pain it can be cured with heat and anti-inflammatory drugs. Finally, arthritis concernes the inflammation of one or more joints and based on this, there are different types. In cases where legs pain persists and is an acute phase, is good to consulte a doctor if pain persists. He will able to prescribe the most suitable therapy for the desease.


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