Let’s explore the main park of Monza

park of Monza

When people think about Italy, the first spots that pop to their mind are surely the most known cities. As Rome, Milan, Bologne. And so on. These are of course very beautiful towns, where you can find a lot to explore. By the way, this is not everything. There are many others treasures that are really worth it to know. Just to mention one of them, let’s talk about the main park of Monza.

Park of Monza: what can you find in here?

Think about a big town. About its noises. About life flowing so fast across its streets. Many people associate city life to the concept of “Real life”. If you feel immersed in this frenzy, then you are alive. Is it true? Why dont’ we ever consider something alternative? The point is, everyone’s got his/her own way to perceive life. And it can change, depending on the moment we’re going through. Sometimes we drive as fast as we can. Then, it comes the time to slow down. To decelerate. In this direction, nature plays an essential role. Following the cycle of nature, makes us realize that speed is just something we care too much about. It happens too often to live life as a competition. We rather need to focus on the complexity of life. We’re nothing but tiny creatures who swim in the ocean of existence.

So, let’s find a spot that can help us to feel alive. As the park of Monza. We’re talking about one of the widest green areas of the whole Europe. Here, your thoughts can flow in harmony with the Lambro river’s waters. You can find a lot of special friends. Some of them will run between your legs and maybe will ask you a little nut. As the squirrels. Someone else will enchant you with its feathers. As the peacocks and the herons. By the way, nature is not the only main carachter of this place. If you’re a car fan, here you can find one of the most iconic circuits of the all time. And if you want to breath some culture, well, feast out your eyes on the several villas and building of the park.

Environment and animals are now in the Constitution of Italy

And what about food?

The park of Monza is full of wonderful spots where you can sit and enjoy a pic-nic. However, if you prefer to eat something “On the go”, you can find many options in here. If you’re looking for a place to have a good meal, let’s focus on the available chances. Surely, the global pandemic changed restaurant and catering business. Many local closed down. And many others reinvented themself. That’s why, even in the park of Monza, we’re able to observe a lot of open spaces to enjoy food. One of them is “Saint Georges Premier”. This is the perfect place to organize events.

As birthdays, graduation parties and so on. This huge space ensure social distancing and fresh air to breath. If you’re rather looking for something more traditional, well, you won’t be disappointed. Many spots will welcome you with their original falvours. Just to mention some of them: “Cascina Frutteto”, “L’Osteria al dosso”, “Al Campo”. Take note of these names.


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