Lightnings might be one of the causes of life on the Earth

A research conducted by Yale University can demonstrate it


According to a scientist’s team, lightnings may have made a contribution to develop life on the Earth. A study from Yale University argues that more than a quintillion electrical discharge throughout a billion years is one of the causes of this.

Might lightnings be one of the causes of life on the Earth?

Life on the Earth is a hugely discussed theme, whether within the scientific field or in the every-day life. Many accredited theories suggest the Big Bang explosion, for instance. Now, recent studies have revealed lightnings may be part of the causes made a contribution to develop life on the Earth. According to a scientist’s team Yale University, more than a quintillion electrical discharge throughout one billion years may have triggered several processes to make life possible. In particular, they suggest reactions might have “unlocked” phosphorous. This chemical element was an essential substance at the origin of life and development of the ecosystem. Billion years ago, in fact, phosphorous was locked into insoluble minerals. It is highly probable this element came out from schreibersite. This is a rare mineral which can form in a glass called fulgurites when a lightning hits the soil.

There is a high probability this phenomenon occurred

This work allows us to understand how life on the Earth may have formed and how it still might form on other similar planets”, says Benjamin Hess, researcher at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Hess suggests terrestrial phosphorous comes from schreibersite created by lightnings themselves. Experts do believe this event occurred with high probability, as the annual number of lightnings would have been constant if compared with other phenomena which may have brought matter on the Earth. As a consequence, considering that from 100 million to 1 billion strikes fell on the Earth’s surface, these same discharges may have given origin to life.

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