Metal is on the dock: when prejudiced minds try to demolish metal music and its arts


It is a strange story…

In the old times metal music and its subgenres were seen as a strange, horrible, malefic, satanists and so on.
In that modern time the situation is different…no sorry is not different.
We have very big problems because if, in 2018, we are fighting against the prejudice. Rotting Christ, Taake, Behemoth are the last cases, but we have many many examples, as Impaled Nazarene last year in august.
However, let’s deepen the subject.
They are forced to cancel American dates because some antifa groups have demonstrated against Taake because they believe they are a Nazi band.
So, the band has answered to their fans and gave their apologizes for the deleted tour. On their Facebook page they wrote a very long post (you can find here à ) Hoest (born as Ørjan Stedjeberg) told:
“We have explained on many, many occasions, the history behind what caused the problems, and there are plenty of articles in the unbiased press and on social media where you can read the truth of it, but just for the sake of clarity Taake is not now, has never been, and never will be a Nazi band. What we want to address here is the cancellation of the tour itself..”
Ok, Hoest worn the nazi simbol (swastika) many years ago to do something extremely strong, yes, it is not a good idea but if you are an intelligent person you can read the truth, otherwise don’t care because, I hope, the idiot people are everywhere but they are in minority.
Rotting Christ
They are a Greek extreme metal band, the name says it all, had a bad experience in Georgia. The last post of the band is:
To all friends that worried about our condition after the recent adventure we had with our arrest we would like to inform them that we are back home safe and in one piece.
There is no jail that can stop our endless lust for Metal and we promise that we will always be frontline in the battle against any kind of god-fearing regimes as well as any kind of terrorism independent of where they come from.Freedom of speech to everyone brothers.We will always shout at any part of this world…NON SERVIAM!
See you soon in the battlefield!
With respect
Everytime that something bad happens to the metal bands, because of someone, karma should punish that people.
Rotting Christ, specially the Tolis brothers, they have been accused of being terrorists. Seriously?! There is no base to accuse them of terrorism, for their band name? Yes, probably but I think that the problem, true problem, is another: metal will be forever under accuse.
The band had a problem with is country (Poland). The object of  the accuse, is their most popular t-shirt “The Republic Of Unfaithful”. The accusers thought that the logo was offensive towards the national emblem. Fortunally it’s all good what ends well, in fact, from their facebook page Maciek ‘Manticore’ Gruszka told the fans that the band was absolved from every accuse. An extract of the post: “…I am more than pleased to inform you, that the judge acquitted us all today, saying that the design was NOT a Polish national emblem hence it could not offend it, also, that are completely no proves we wanted to offend Polland and our national emblem. Because we didn’t want to!
Impaled Nazarene
This case is not known to the most of people.
Last year, the finnish band, played at the Frantic Fest (Francavilla al Mare, Chieti, In the middle of Italy), I talked to Mika Luttinen, I watched him dance with ’90 trash dance music, I watched Impaled Nazarene on the stage.
The band’s lyrics don’t talk about flowers and eternal love but they are not nazi. Yes the problem was that some bands, in the public post on the festival page, wrote that they would not have played in a fest with a nazist band, because they are against this type of political thought.
Obviously many metalheads discussed so hard about that, the old school metalheads defended the finnish band, but the new generation of metalheads (maybe they read something on ‘wikipedia’) defended their position.
Fortunally the fest has a great success.
This is only some example of how much ignorance is about metal music and its philosophy. I think that many people don’t want to know what there is inside this type of art.
I watched that people feel in ‘safe’ because they have something to blame for homicide, aggression, satanic rituals and so on. I think that they need a sort of ‘scapegoat’.
Metal music and its subgenres are not the evil of the world.
There is a study that an american sociologist, Deena Weinstein, wrote in the early ‘90s, she studied the metalheads, because she wanted to demonstrate that the metal people are not violent or bad people, on the contrary, metal people are friendly, are nice, are calm and they want only one thing, to live their music, to mosh with other people.
Please don’t leave that the prejudice drown your mind.


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