Morgyn Arnold is the mirror of our society

Let's reflect about this case.

Morgyn Arnold

Some stories are particulary worth to know. Maybe because they have to teach us something. Or sometimes because of their historical relevance. Or even both. Today we’re talking about a case that is going all around the world. Morgyn Arnold is an american girl. She attends a high school in the state of Utah. Let’s see why her story is becoming viral.

What happened to Morgyn Arnold?

Morgyn Arnold’s matter could be summed in one world: passion. Passion is known by every human being. It grows inside every organism. We can percieve its changes and its flow. Passion needs to be fed. And the more we feel it, the more we understand the right way to nourish it. We create brand new recipes in order to fulfill all our wishes linked to this fire. That’s the way Morgyn Arnold acted. She was just a little girl, when she discovered her passion for cheerleading. She started by dancing and creating her own coreographies in her room. Between those walls, she used to dream. To imagine her life as a cheerleader. Then high school started. And that thought came true. She even became head cheerleader of her school’s group.

A fake happy ending

This could look as an happy ending story. A girl strove to achieve a certain result. And she made it. So, what went wrong? Everything began with a photo. The one for the high school’s yearbook. An imagine she will never find. The cheerleading group’ s photo was shot in two different versions. The first one with Morgyn, the second one, without her. Only one of them has been accepted for the yearbook. Only the one without the cheerleaders’s manager. No one seems to know why. Everybody hypothesizes a reason. We could sum it in a word: diversity.

The acceptance of a disease makes us reflect about life

Do we really accept diversity?

Morgyn Arnold is affected by Down syndrome. Because of this pathology, she is considered different. By the way, what does “Different” mean? People say differences are synonym of richness. But are we really loyal to our affirmation? Everyone seems to be sure of their thoughts, when it comes to show their opinion about disability. They proclaim themselves as disabled people’s defenders. However,Actions speak louder than words”. So, let’s be honest. Considering someone even, means assuring him/her rights, dues and dignity. And that goes beyond every word. Until human beings will discriminate one each other because of personal traits, we will never reach equality.

So, how could we act? It would be too simple to answer this question by saying “Don’t discriminate anyone”. Discrimination has many shades. And, sometimes, we practice it without even noticing. That’s why the best remedy is: always ask yourself. Ask yourself is if you are doing enough. If you could do more. If you did something wrong. Try to see the world from the other side. And focus on feelings and sensations. Because, the way you feel for just one moment, is the way someone else lives his/her entire existence. And then let’s stop taking g things for granted. Nothing is granted. Neither accessing to a building through the stairs.


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