Music pieces from Disney: which do you like the most?

Behind the scenes of Disney

classical music pieces from Disney

Childhood. Maybe one the most impacting part of life. Life is about travelling. About exploring this huge mad world. As children, we don’t need to learn how to do it. We just act naturally. The surrounding environment helps us. With its colours and sounds. Speaking of sounds, music is the most powerful tool. It allows our brain to discover brand new galaxies. Every child gets to know music by different paths. One of the most popular is certainly cinema. As children, we watch cartoons. We consider this action an amusing hobby. And in the meantime we learn a lot. Without even noticing, we build memories and knowledge. Here’s some classical music pieces from Disney that we bet you know .

What are the main classical music pieces from Disney?

You might have found yourself humming one of those under the shower. Or maybe whistling while running errands. Somehow, we all grew up watching Disney cartoons. We all dove in that magical universe. Classical music is very underrated by many people. Too often, it is considered boring or ancient. However, we’re missing the point. Listening to music is not about judging. It’s rather about dreaming. Discovering new planets. We don’t need to explore the universe to find unknown live forms. We just need to turn up the volume and lose ourselves between the notes. Classical music has many shades that are worth getting to know. That’s why we’re going to rediscover some classical music pieces from Disney.

First of the classical music pieces from Disney: “Frühlingslied” – Felix Mendelssohn

  • The title literally means “Spiring song”. So, let’s think about it. What pops to our mind when we hear the word “Sprig”? Some common answers may include sun. Hotter weather. Sprouting flowers. Someone affirms that this is the season of life. In which many animals wake up from hibernation. Beside that, there’s one more fact to consider. Spring reminds us of awakening. Although, it realeases some light vibes. Its own energy is soft. Or, at least, softer than summer’s. Sprinng is also about calm and peace. That’s what this track is focused on. This is one of the few classical music pieces that describe quietness. If you’re a 90’s girl/boy, there’s a high chance that you already heard this tune.

Suicidemouse.avi: the maledict Disney short film

Marche funèbre- Fryderyk Chopin

It might sound a little weird. Mourning is something we barely talk about. It’s maybe one of the hardest things to accept in life. We don’t know what life is. Neverthless, death is even more mysterious. Anyway, even some cartoons have got their own way to show it. Probably because it’s worth it. Every human being has to build some kind of consciousness and acceptance about it. We all have to know that everything comes to an end, sooner or later. Since music arrives to places that words can’t reach, here’s the perfect track to reflect on life. And of course, on its unavoidable ending.

Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2- Franz Liszt

And we’re back to joy. We could immediately describe this track’s meaning. Although, an essential puzzle piece would be missed. So, what is a rhapsody? In music, we call this way a piece of music of indeterminate length and with no formal structure, comprised of a number of different musical ideas. So, it may make us think of confusion. In cinema, we find this kind of melody in bizarre scenes. Other than that, we associate rhapsody to movement.


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