MUTILATE: All Life Ends review


“All Life Ends” Mutilate’s demo review

Wow…the first thing that passed through my brain as i pressed the “Play” button and the speakers started to vomit Mutilate’s sonic attack was “ Damn, now i must blow away all this dust from my computer!”
Yes, because it really sounds old, dusty…rotten!!!
All Life Ends” is the second demo by the New york based band Mutilate, and it was released almost two months ago throught the scottish label Camo Pants Records. It comes after the first successful demo “Fortress of Suffering”.
Everything about this release is a celebration of that dark but golden age of the 80’s, when all around the globe the kids where torturing their instruments and shouting their rage to the world, and just wanted to play “louder and heavier and faster that anyone else”

And i mean everything, i could start talking about the artwork, a classic tribute to that period, or about the structure and sound of the songs, but it’s the whole mood of the release, so obscure and morbid, that brings you back in time.
The Burning Wood” is a perfect opener, it’s like if its first thrashy riff introduces you in this wood, but when the speed increases, the trees begin to burn and all you can do is run away in hurry, trying to stay alive.
The title track’s refrain will obsess you, a demoniac voice hauntig you head, reminding you that everyone is destined to die, and the slow riffs and solos will only increase the anguish of this bitter knowledge.

Slaughter in the Night” opens with a cathcy riff, then the violence explodes, alternating to slower moments, and you’ll find yourself banging your head, guaranteed…
All life Ends” is a genuine and pure travel back in time, rotten and putrid in the best tradition, without compromises, it’s completely devoted to that period when death metal was really something sick and disturbing…
Strongly recommended!!!


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