NASA announces new blog about Ingenuity

The space agency to launch a new official blog in order to follow the drone-helicopter Ingenuity


The drone-helicopter Ingenuity is currently in the lower part of the Martian rover Perseverance, and it is almost ready for action. The drone is flying the next April, on an unspecified date. NASA has announced they are going to launch an official blog in order to follow Ingenuity. This will allow all the space lovers to enjoy the mission of Ingenuity.

What does NASA announce about Ingenuity?

Ingenuity, the drone-helicopter currently situated in the lower part of the Martian rover Perseverance, is flying the next April. The date remains still unspecified, although there is the possibility some news will be given during a conference on March 21, 2021. These days, NASA has announced the space agency is going to launch an official blog entirely dedicated to Ingenuity. From this blog, all the space lovers will be allowed to enjoy the journey of the drone. In the blog, you can find all the information regarding NASA Ingenuity. Nevertheless, you have to remind this is a secondary mission, so its goals are limited if compared with NASA Perseverance.

The NASA official blog about Ingenuity: an up-to-date source

NASA has already posted the first content on the blog website. It regards the so-called “Martian weather”. Because of the big distance of Ingenuity from the headquarter, it is necessary to have a very precise knowledge about the weather. For instance, the air density is a fundamental factor to determine flight parameters. Engineers monitor the sun and the coronal mass expulsions. In fact, the drone-helicopter has some components exposed to possible problems because of charged particles from the sun itself. It is important to remember nobody has ever made an object fly to another planet. In this way, it is not possible to prevent what may occur precisely.

That is also why Ingenuity has a simple construction, with an approximate cost of 85 million dollar. These are divided into 80 million for development, tests and construction and 5 million for the object’s operational life. The board tool is very evolved, as well. We are talking about two cameras able to allow Ingenuity to fly safely and independently. 

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