Nick Cave and Warren Ellis shot a concert film

Nick Cave

Andrew Dominik has reached Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to shoot a new concert film. Cave wrote on Red Hand Files that director joined him and Ellis to shoot a live concert with songs by Carnage and Ghosteen.

What Nick Cave sayd about project?

Responding to two fans on Red Hand Files, Who ask Cave about the making of the new album with Warren Ellis Carnage and any future plans in this regard, he revealed that, Andrew Dominik, former director of “One More Time With Feeling”, has reached the artists in London to shoot a live concert film. “I think it was one of the popes who when asked about how much he prayed every day. “He replied, about ten minutes, but i spend all day thinking about it.” For Carnage, it was the same. He was sitting at his desk, writing lyrics and poetry in the void. With no real purpose other than to make sense of the moment of stasis.

Hyperpop new musical sound of this year

The concert film by Andrew Dominik

Nick Cave continues to talk about the moment, and about a new project: a music concert film. The world seemed strange to him. He has been jet-legged for 45 years. And now, as he sayd, its internal clock has started ticking regularly. Some nights he, even slept. He is sure that Warren’s experience wasn’t so different. They both felt the forced stasis , not only unnervingly but also strangely and irregularly energizing. When they started working in studio, Carnage came out fast and necessary , as proof of life. Andrew Dominik has come to London to film cave and Warren trying to play Carnage (and Ghosteen) live. Nick Cave, also sayd that he is so excited to perform in this new life and music experience.


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