Oman Between oases and caravans: a trip in the Sultanate heart


A different way to travel could be to choose the Oman Sultanate. It could be a journey under the banner of sand and discovering new wonderful places. A place, between oases and caravans.

What do you see about Oman?

The Sultanate of Oman is characterized by extraordinary landscapes that extend as far as your eyes can see. Entering the Omani desert, characterized by very high red, yellow, ocher and golden sand dunes and living a thousand and one nights experience in a tented camp. It allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the country. The Sultanate is made up of 80% desert: the main Stretches of sand are the Rub’al-Khali and Sharqiyah Sands. The first one, called “empty Quarter” due its extension that covers a quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. It is not fully explored and his contributes to making it even more attractive. Also because it only offers the possibility of staying overnight in mobile camps.

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A lot of places to visit

Incense Route listed as Unesco World Heritage: the incense tree of Wadi Dawkah, the remains of the caravan oasis of Shisr, the archeological runs of ancient Sumhurum, overlooking the lagoon and the ancient port of Khartoum Rosi. Finally, the incense museum and annexed archeological site, one of the most interesting of Oman. The Sharqiyah Sands desert, on the other side, also known as Wahiba Sands, from the name of the Bedouin population that inhabits them, is located three hours from Muscat. It is possible to organize multi-day excursions. In two days, you can cross the desert, from north to south. Oman, also organizes, for those looking for something adventurous but a at the same time extraordinary and luxurious, private campsites. They combine the classic experience of eco-friendly camping with the comfort of luxury accommodation. These tented camps are the most exclusive in the Sultanate.


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