Orwell’s novel (1984) becomes a comic

Orwell’s novel

Orwell’s novel becomes a comic. “1984” based on Big Brother by George Orwell, is now being released in a comic version adapted by Xavier Coste, with a preface by Stefano Zucchi. So it will publish for the Ferrogallico house.

Why Orwell’s novel becomes a comic?

George Orwell’s literary masterpiece, together with “Animal Farm”, sees images swirling together with words in a surprising version oh timeless Orwellian dystopia. The book is a paperback of 240 color pages. In his preface, Zecchi writes that “1984” is an atrocious denunciation not only of totalitarism. But even a communication of a Big Brother who watches us from who knows where. It shows in particular, stupidity and misery of man. They unable to belive in themselves. A man who is capable to defend only his own miserable mediocrity. A person not capable to choose and decide with her own head. This is “1984”: a Frightening and a final accusation of the human being.

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Xavier Coste: a book author and illustrator

Xavier Coste, born in 1989 in Normandy. He’s a book author and an illustrator. After a degree in graphic arts in Paris, he published in 2012 his first book. “Egon Schiele” vivre et mourir.” This is the book title. A lot of works fallowed and so many transleted in different lenguages. He worked on “1984” after 15 years of maturation. Coste worked mainly on drawing and staging, but not to the lenguage. He played on the relationship of scale to represent enormous buildings that crush men reduced to ants. The illustrator segmented the book by colors. This to give a clear identify to the different atmospheres. Between the ministry, the proletarian neighborhoods, the prison and the apparitions of Big Brother.


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