Pakistan: the Prime Minister’s discriminatory words on woman’s rape


Pakistan is a country highly linked to rape crime. It seems that at least 11 cases of the same case are reported every day. But it’s just Geo New’s saying that only 0.3% of these people are being convicted. It is in this context that the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan is being insinuated, and it is doing so in the worst way.

What is happening in Pakistan?

In the dispute between a lot of rapes in Pakistan and less sentences, the discriminatory and unhappy words of Prime Minister are so cutter. The words preclude women’s guilt for such actions. Khan says that women are the victim of these acts because they should cover themselves more. This is to say that if a woman highlights her body, she has the highest percentage of guilt in case of men decide to undermine her personal right of choice and demand a forced sexual relationship. This words are so bad, not only because women are victims not executioners, but much more, because this shows women as a doom of desire.

Women like doom of desire

Also according to the Premier, wearing the Islamic veil would reduce the possibility of acts of rape against women. An unwise justification, the one that gives the influential man, to defend certain men. “Some men has no will to resist to this women”, he said.but if this were to be a justification, it appears like a kind of perbenism. Respect for women, which should not be seen as an object, but as a human being. It is still deeply entrenched in these mentalities, which unfortunately are followed by a great many others. Her we have a cultural problem and it is really clear that with these prejudices, the path to consider women like human being not objects, is far and tortuous.


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