Pandemic has impacts on women in Pakistan

Pandemic has impacts on women in Pakistan

Before the pandemic burst out, the conception of world was different: different days, different time, different fears…and then something has abruptly changed. In Pakistan, a country where women represent less than 30% of the workforce, wives used to remain at home, while men would go out to work. The scenario has changed in Pakistan with the coming of the coronavirus pandemic, undermining the possibility of a change for the Middle-East woman.

Why has pandemic impacts on women in Pakistan?

With the coming of the pandemic, the conception of world, of “a place to live in”, has been upset: for the different days we spend, and even for the different fears we now feel. Sure, this has occurred in every country, though in many ways. In Pakistan, a country where women represent less than 30% of the workforce, men used to go out to work, while their wives would stay at home and do their housework.

Pandemic has changed this scenario. Men have started to stay at home, either because they lost their work or because they were put in smart working. Brief times of calmness have so progressively disappeared for wives, mothers and sisters. We have to add to this also the fact schools were closed because of the restrictions to avoid a widespread outbreak, so children stayed at home, too. In this way, women had to face a 24/7 work.

Pakistani women will be disadvantaged in a post-pandemic world in the Middle-East

However, this scenario, although in a bit different context, has been seen not only in Pakistan, but throughout the world. Researches revealed an increasement of violence against women in China, with data estimated to 300%. Other data shows an increasement of violence by 45% in Lebanon and 21% in India.  In Pakistan, workers in structures where victims of violence are assisted estimate an exponential increasement. In a post-pandemic world, Pakistani women will be disadvantaged. Those who lost their job are difficultly going to find another one when the coronavirus pandemic will end. So, earnings will shrink, and so the role of the woman within the house economy. As a consequence, the woman will remain subordinated in these Middle-East society.

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