Preti Verdi: when the faith is green

Today the book Preti Verdi is launched, defining the priests green battle

Preti Verdi

Preti Verdi is a book of revelations about the horror geography in Italy, told through the voice of ten priests who fight for a green lifestyle. It is an invitation to the development of ecology, as well as to the incrementation of demand for the civil society.

Preti Verdi: how can faith be green?

The book Preti Verdi will be launched today. It is an editorial case showing the long journey started by missionaries. The author Mario Lancisi tells the stories of ten priests who carried and are carrying on a battle for a greener planet. They predicate and act through land, water and air, essential elements to live a healthy life. This kind of Italy is observed through different angulations. The so-called horror geography does not have to be introduced with a long speech. We just need to remember ILVA in Taranto, the so-called ring of fire, or the eternit in Casale. If many people envy Italy for Canal Grande, Fori Imperiali and Brunelleschi’s dome, there is much more to be seen. The point of view of Don Albino Bizzotto, Don Palmiro Prisutto and many others seems to be a huge counterexample of the Italy of the great monuments.

The aim of the work

This is the aim of this work: to raise awareness of what happens to the “other Italy”, where there is not the chance to look for a brighter future. And ecology is the first step to overturn this issue. Pope Francis himself has a detains a strong position in favor of ecology and the development of a green lifestyle. He does not speak just for regards sustainability in terms of lifestyle itself, but also for the treatment of the poorest class of the country and the demand for the civil society.

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