30 recipes for quick and easy pasta


From spaghetti to penne, throught fusilli.. all the tipe of pasta if cook in the right way can be perfect for every moment during the day. Did you get hungry of a delicius meal based on italian food? Read this collection of easy and quick pasta recipes for a perfect meal all made in Italy

30 recipes of pasta

A swim in the sea after a walk on the hill. Explore an ancient village and a famous city while breathing freedom. With a good glass of wine only one thing cannot be missing: a special dish of pasta! There are millions ways to cook pasta. With tomato, vegetables, fishes, meat or just butter and parmisan. For a perfect pasta the souce is the secret, here are 30 recipes to make the summer more delicious.

  1. Penne garlig, oil e anchovies
  2. Fusilli salad, scamorza, avocado, spring onion
  3. Strascianti with cuttlefish ink
  4. Maccheroni with eggplant and mackerel
  5. Pipe rigate with zucchini and chicken
  6. Orecchiette with clams, beets, saffroon
  7. Fusilli with friggitelli, tomatoes and anchovies
  8. Penne with peppers and meant
  9. Rigatoni with peppers sauce
  10. Fusilli with mussels and toast bread
  11. Pennette with fennel sauce and octopus
  12. Trofie with turkey and peppers
  13. Cold pasta with pesto and ricotta
  14. Paccheri with clams and cuttlefish
  15. Cavatelli with chicken polpette
  16. Mezzi paccheri with tuna and lime
  17. Wholemeal penne with leeks and guanciale
  18. Candele with cod, pecorino and zucchini
  19. Paccheri with ricotta and eggplant
  20. Trofie with lemon sauce, mint and lamb
  21. Cavatelli zucchini and sgombri
  22. Mezze maniche with rabbit ragù, pastis and olives
  23. Penne tomato and lime
  24. Pasta with peppers
  25. Farfalle with shells and baby squid
  26. Penne with chicken ragù and peppers
  27. Paccheri with capers pesto
  28. Sedanini with chicken ragù
  29. Cavatieddi con la ruca
  30. Farfalle with almonds and olives patè

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