Sardinia: a trip to discover Olbia’s beauty


Sardinia is the place we would all like to reach at the moment. It’s an isle with similar caraibic beach. Also its ditches immers in the Savage nature are able to relax yourself with reading and even practising sport. Olbia is the much-tooined destination. A dip in the middle of art and culture.

What do you have to visit in Sardinia?

From the port of White Island, you could walk long Corso Umberto to admire palaces, housewieces and churches. This city is really full of beaches. You can visit, for example, Pittalongu beach that is characterised by the cliffs that emerge from the water. On the other side, we find the white beach. This beach is a place of quiteness. Cugnana, is considered a real port, repaired by the wind, characterized by low dephts of the seabed. A lot of Olbia’s territory, are so small that they are not habiteded. For example, the isle of Cavalis, the isle of Bocca, the leporeddu one and mani others.

Arenauta: the paradisiacal beach of 300 steps

The most important Island: Tavolara

One of the 20s Isles, is Tavolara. It is the tourist location linked to Poseidon’s myth. It explain that The God, would have petrified the feacian ship, making in this way, the island. Olbia’s Archeological museum is an host of prehistoric artefacts wich are among the most important discovery in Sardinia. Particulary important is the room that shows very old ships kept in an exemplary manner. Even if there are a lot of discoveries about Greek times like anaphors and various use tool found in Sardinia’s territory. The museum is free so, there is no payment of a ticket. And everybody can visit it. There is also a tomb that’s is 28 metres in lenght and 6 widht called “I Giganti sul monte ’e s’ Abe.” It’s a funeral monument completly immersed in the green.


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