Serpin5: the gene which modifies it aggravates Alzheimer

The endcoding gene would worsen tangles of tau proteins


According to a scientist’s team from Mayo Clinic, the gene which modifies serpin5 protein can worsen tangles of tau proteins. These proteins are typical of Alzheimer’s disease. The research was based on brain tissue samples applied to AI. The work was then published on the famous scientific magazine Nature Communications.

Does Serpin5 aggravate Alzheimer’s disease?

The gene modifying serpin5 protein aggravates Alzheimer’s disease. It is what stands out from a research conducted by a scientist’s team from Mayo Clinic. According to the researchers, the gene which modifies serpin5 protein, endcoding it, worsens tangles of tau proteins, typically found in Alzheimer’s disease. The study was based on brain tissue samples from 385 brains donated to the Mayo Clinic Brain Bank. The samples belonged to individuals with affected by Alzheimer’s disease and without any other disease. Each sample was used in order to classify the pattern of tangles associable to Alzheimer. Using the RNA sequencing, researchers found out the genetical expression within the samples themselves, and so noticed the genetical changings responsible for the entire process. In order to carry the work on, scientists used an automatic-learning algorithm, and they then reduced the genes from about 50,000 to just 5.

Melissa Murray’s words

“We were able to examinate an entire spectrum of diseases and find genetical changings which really can affect hippocampus, the center of memory in the brain. This means we might have target suggesting why some people have a relative conservation while others have a relative exacerbation in symptoms related to loss of memory”, says Ph.D. Melissa Murray, translational neuropathologist for Mayo Clinic as well as main author of the article. “We hope to step back to examinate a new, important partner which may accelerate tau itself or push the tau tangle past the turning point”.

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