Street Art for Rights: an artistic project to launch a message

Street Art of Rights

Street Art for Rights it’s an italian project that launch a civil commitment message using art. This one is based on the concept of sustainable development. The first round of Street Art will start from 18 March to 28 March.

What is the hidden message about Street Art for Rights?

The project starts from the periphery of Rome and it want to launch a very nice message. It is based by using art as an awereness-raising tool on the key concept of sustainable development. Street Art of Rights will start from 18 March to 28 March. It’s a really three-year project designed by Giuseppe Casa and treated by Oriana Rizzuto. About 17 works of urban art will be carried out by as many national and international artists in the souburbs of Rome to tell the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. This first round, will see street artists like Diamond, Solo and Moby Dick.

Preti Verdi: when the faith is green

The artists’ interpretation

Artists will interpret the first tree goal: to defeat hunger, defeat poverty, and health and welfare. The project will start on 18 March at 4 p.m with an online event, live on the social channel of it. All in collboration with ASVIS, so the italian Alliance for Sustainable Development. With the open-end of the demonstration, Diamond, Solo and Moby Dick will start Working on art. They will build with special piants, AirLite. It is capable to absorb pollulants and turning them into inert substances. This through a chemical process activeted from sunlight. The social community will be able to share ideas, histories and proposals with artists. The final opening of murales is for Sunday 28 March.


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