Suicidemouse.avi: the maledict Disney short film

This genre is influencing Disney


There is a horror genre which should be taken more into consideration: the creepypasta. Among the productions regarding this genre, Suicidemouse.avi is the one which stands out the most. An evening in 2012 as the others, but that will change the protagonists’ life forever: this is the plot of this gripping story.  

What is creepypasta?

Creepypasta was first launched in 2006 on 4chan, an imageboard website born three years before. This cinematographic phenomenon appeared in the internet in parallelism with the so-called copypasta, a kind of online entertainment based on text blocks to run on the web through forums and social media. Differently from copypasta, creepypasta regards just horror themes. The most famous creepypasta short film is Suicidemouse.avi.

Suicidemouse.avi: the greatest example of creepypasta

Suicidemouse.avi is a creepypasta based on a “maledict” short film dedicated to Mickey Mouse. The catchiest aspect of this production is probably the fact that this short is very close to reality in some ways. It is actually not possible to determine whether the video preceded the creepypasta phenomenon or it was created specifically for this new kind of entertainment.

The content of Suicidemouse.avi

But now let’s get after the content of the horror video. The plot is quite simple. Mickey Mouse is walking down street alone, probably at night. There are series of flats and buildings in the background. A frightening sound of a piano accompanies the whole scene. In the second part of the video, the piano sound abruptly disappears, and, instead, a macabre sound starts, becoming louder, till it seems an unhuman scream. Now there is a figure in the background. The video is then carried on by another scream. Eventually, the short ends with a Mickey Mouse without face in the foreground, accompanied by a frightening sound of carillon.

The suicide employees: fantasy or reality?

There is another doubt behind the legend around Suicidemouse.avi: are the so-called suicide employees the cherry on the cake of the story or there’s something true? There are two alleged suicides related to the short. an employee for Disneyland Paris took his own life in 2010, throwing himself under a train. Another employee took his own life hanging himself at home. However, it seems the existence of articles about it is not proven. This is another aspect that brings to think that this short film is only a legend within the creepypasta community, and not more. But that’s the aim of creepypasta productions: to make you think something in the story might be true in some ways.

The creepypasta short film Suicidemouse.avi

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