The daughters of Gucci’s designer

The daughters

The daughters of Maurizio Gucci, Alessandra and Allegra have been always united over the years. Especially during the legal battles against the mother Patrizia Reggiani. The woman Who wanted to kill their father.

Who are the daughters of Maurizio Gucci?

Allegra and Alessandra Gucci are two woman united over the year, but especially during the legal battles aganist their mother: Patrizia Reggiani. Alessandra is born in 1977, four years after the beginning of the marriage. While Allegra arrived in 1981. They see the dream of a united family destroyed by their mother. Maurizio Gucci, the father, leaves his wife to start a reletionship with the interior designer and model Paola Franchi. But in 1995 their lives completely change. On 27 March of the same year, Maurizio Gucci, is hit by 4 bullet guns and dies. Patrizia Reggiani, left prison after 18 years. Then, a legal battle has started between the woman and her daughters for an economic issue. In the “House of Gucci” a film by Ridley Scott is shown the story. Lady Gaga is Patrizia Reggiani and Adam Driver is Maurizio Gucci.

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Legal battles aganist their mother

The two sister are the heirs of Maurizio Gucci. But in 2020 a cassation ruling, ordered Alexandra and Allegra to compensate the damage caused by Patrizia Reggiani to Paola Franchi, Who was the partner of the stilist when he has been killed. So the cassation condemned Gucci’s daughters to pay 20 million euros. In addition, even a million for the rest of Franchi’s life. Maybe Franchi and Gucci, had to get married. After Gucci’s murdered, Paola Franchi, asked to receive a compensation about 622.000 euros. When Patrizia Reggiani had released, was really nullatenant so Franchi moved aganist stilyst’s daughters. In 2009 the request of the Franchi, had been rejected. Alessandra and Allegra didn’t accept to pay the vitality to their mother, but the court, finally made it right to Patrizia Reggiani.


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