The Italian music history from 1979 to 1985 expressed in the book “Shock Antistatico”

“Shock Antistatico”

A reading substantially challenging is that of Stefano Gilardino’s new nook “Shock Antistatico. Il Post-Punk italiano 1979-1985”. A reflection of Italian regional music of te historical period expressed in the title.

What “Shock Antistatico” talks about?

A fantastic journey through the italian’s regions from a musical point of view of the period from 1979 to 1985. Italy was a country with many important groups and Characters in that period. In more famous pieces and some unjustly thrown into oblivion, the introspection is alla tricoulored. The expert Stefano Gilardino then, enriches the vicissitudes of the groups that have characterized the period. Between the author’s memories and descriptions of bands and singers, certain unbelievable anecdotes of all the groups are revealed. It’s a fantastic way to remember times also discovering the historical period characterizing the sound of these artists and the reason for the importance of music. Giardino recalls the time when Italy seemed to have been invaded by the British music-type, which started to take a very long way.

The post-pandemic reading increase

Many groups in Gilardino’s book

Although the British focused on the political fiction, in Italy, the focus was on what was happening on the outside world. The idea of the Post-Punk involves so many regions, many artists and their musical scenes. From live concerts to curiosity about groups. A wander between the importance and the sign of music on the great peninsula. So, from Joe Squillo to the involvement of the Righeira and also of the Litfiba headed by Piero Pelù. The book focuses on music past but even on the possibility for future generation to understand the importance of the period that has really characterized the music power of all Italy: from North to South.


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