The post-pandemic reading increase


Books remain an important factor in our culture. In recent times the sale, has increased by 25 percent. This is an extremely positive fact. When you think about how much the country has economically lost.

Why an increment of books?

When we could not do anything, because we were forced to lockdown, something in us has awakened. That desire to escape, not being able to be physical, had a mental impact. An increase on our imagination and although this needs images, we found ourselves immersed in wonderful books. These helped us to still feel part of something that we no longer felt ours. It is true that it was one of the few things we could do, but we also continued to do so. Therefore, it was no just a fallback, but a new path in search of culture. People preferred reading they on online platforms rather than paper books.

Orwell’s novel (1984) becomes a comic

Open libraries in lockdown

Although all these premises are very interesting and from a certain point of view, right, there has been more that helped the sale of books then as now. In fact, keeping libraries open during a lockdown or red zone has favored the movement of people in that direction. And the percentage of sales has risen to 25 percent. However it is a victory for all those who believe that culture and reading a book are much more important than shopping, although it could not be done. There are things that only a good book can give you. Like a different language, traveling with the imagination and knowing many new things. So we do not stop doing it, but we continue to grow the book market for a better future for us and for our children.


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