“The Toughest Athletes”: the latest film by Nike

The Toughest Athletes

The Toughest Athletes is the latest film by Nike that explains the correlation between sport and motherhood. So it describes the most important moments of women existence describing pregnancy and First maternity.

What does “The Toughest Athletes” talks about?

It describes and tells the incredible strenght of woman at the most important and incisive moments of their existence: pregnancy and first maternity. But it’s more than this, because it shows the correlation between sport and motherhood through mother’s eyes Who will became mother, during the various stages of pregnancy and post-partum. The film is shooted during the pandemic and shows more than 20 mothers. Including Alex Morgan, Serena Williams, Perri Edwards, Bianca Williams and more others. Women describes as mother and as athletes of every day. Nike, with Jane Wake has also cooperate to create 4 guided audio trainings, especially for mothers and their pregnancy.

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Celebrating women and mother all over the world

The film has been shooted from the over 22 Hours of underwrelled films Made by mothers themselves, their friends and family. So, every scene has been driven through Zoom to safeguard the HealthKit and safety of all. The Toughest Athletes celebrates women and mothers all over World, but especially, their strenght from United Kingdom to France and many others countries. The film also prometes the first premiaman collection by Nike. This one, launched it in September 2020 with the aim of supporting all pregnant women and normalising sport and maternity. The Nike collection is available in new colorations on Nike.com/it/. The beaverton company, cooperated with Jane Ware expert to create 4 guided audio trainings, they available on the Nike Run Club.


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