Travelway, a social trip to support tourism in Italy

It supports and promotes tourism in the country, through local excellences and Made in Italy


Travelway is a new social trip to support and promote tourism in Italy. A travel diary about local excellences and Made in Italy, its aim is to promote tourism through a network of influent people and a strong power of communication.

What is Travelway?

Travelway is a new social trip whose aim is to support and promote the tourism in Italy through a strong power of communication. It provides to support the Italian excellences through a digital and not-digital approach, with the help of a network of influent people. The two founders of the social trip are Francesco Bernardi and Matteo Di Bennardo. They created a project to invest their own time and their own resources to support a hugely damaged sector. Travelway, which is starting the next April, will make you have a journey throughout all the places that most characterize the country. Fifty structures and stars will become ambassadors this voyage across Italy. They will give a contribution in order to help to live Italy by associating stays to real travel experiences.

The social trip may become a real channel for indirect selling

A resonance of the project will be carried out by the main social media. They may become real channels for indirect selling for followers who, whether interested in one of the travel experiences, have the possibility to buy it independently. They may also enjoy it with one of the influent people available for the project as ambassador.

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