Universal Theory: The spanish underground metal band talks about itself

Universal Theory the new metal wave


The music scene is not only made by great names, there is an underground that keeps on living on the passion and the desire to play and / or go to the concerts. Universal Theory tells us about its vision of music.
Particularly in metal genres, the underground has a great resonance, the expectations of the metalheads during live are usually very high.
For this article I propose an old interview (never published) made to a talented Spanish guys, who brings us into his visions with this interview.
Who Is Universal Theory? (talking about you, when you met, how long have you been playing together, how many components are in Universal Theory and so on…)
Hello, it’s a a big pleasure to be here today!
My name is Jesús. I live in Madrid, Spain. Universal Theory is a musical studio project (at the moment) created at the end of 2011, and based on one idea: “The Pleasure of Research”.
Universal Theory’s Music is “Atmospheric-Gothic-Rock & Metal with dark passages”,  is composed by lyrics inspired by personal experiences and thoughts and where any reason, idea, or style is welcome.
Universal Theory are:
Jesus Pinilla: Guitars, Programming, Male Vocals
Majo Martos: Female Vocals
I met Majo José a few months before I started to record the first songs.
And now we have been working together for four years.
Who are your favourite artists?
My favourite artist is and will be Sepultura with Max Cavalera.
Now I Love Anathema, Pat Metheny, Machine Head and many more.
What Genres do you listen/prefer?
I listen mainly to Metal but I love to listen to all genres of music, such as Jazz, Blues, Etc…
What genres do you play?
Mainly Gothic Rock Metal but we also play dark, ambient, progressive.
Each song is different, you can find a Metal Song such as “Before Sunrise”
and you can find a Slow-Ambient Song such as “Maybe”
Where are you from?
We are from Madrid, Spain.
What are the future projects?
We will keep working hard, creating new songs
and we hope one day we can play all over the world.
 What do you think about “purists”?(what do you think about people who believe that metal/rock doesn’t need experimentation)
“Purists”…I Think there is nothing pure, in other words, Mood has an incredible influence
at the moment of writing a song, a music style…shortly,  any kind of Art.
All the different kinds of music need experimentation, as I said before, when
you write a song, Mood has a great presence and it influences the result.
How is the underground metal scene in Spain?
In Spain there isn´t any musical support, especially for heavy metal.
It´s also hard to find people who like and want to play this kind of music.
It has been a great pleasure to talk to you!
Enjoy Universal Theory and their album “The Most Attractive Force”
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Intrigued by Jesus’s philosophy I listened to  some songs, and they actually reflect his vision of music/life.
In the song “Somewhere Else”, for example, vocals are so slow that I can define it an introspective track. While I listen to this song I found some similarities with Paradise Lost.
I found “Somewhere Else”similar to “Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us” (Paradise Lost) with some atmospheric elements, in the vein Lustre.
The Underground scenes is not simple to support and appreciate, one needs to go over labels and “genres”, open his eyes, hear and see/listen the talent.


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