Vader + Entombed A.D. + Mortuary + Resumed = Total Death Metal Destruction


The only word that you can think and tell is destruction!

Yesterday night at Zona Roveri, in Bologna, 4 death metal bands gave, to the fan, a high quantity of violence, distruction and headbanging.
Strange thoughts through my mind yesterday night. I saw a big demons family with father and three sons.

The first band that appeared on stage was Resumed. They are the last sons in the death metal demons family and they want to show everyone that they are strong enough, and they have ability and talent to share the stage with other family members.
They come from Sulmona, it is a funny and small place in the middle of Italy (Abruzzo).


Their sound is heavy, demonic and raw. The growling singer is possessed by some demon. The voice is deep and full.
The solo guitars were cool and so technically and hypnotic; the drummer technique is a bit schizophrenic.
During the show they introduced their new album “Year Zero”.
Their are truly talented and they deserve attention. Their music quality is high and able to keep up with the other bands.
The only thing that make me confused is that there wasn’t enough people. Why?!
The second band which performed was Mortuary, they look like the second born in the demon family. They are hungry and angry,they want to unleash hell on earth. What they did was incredible, their performance was so strong. It was energic, crazy, and truly powerful.
Now is Entombed A.D.’s turn. In this demons family they were the biggest brother, they are so funny and crazy, they look like little spiteful demons, but when needed they can be one of the most evil death metal band.

Entombed A.D.
Entombed A.D.

They catch you with their web and you, armless, cannot free yourself. The exhibition was great, the set list was appreciated by the fan.
L.G. and the other guys were funny on stage, they were so fucking cool and aggressive. Lars’s voice is something strong, the performance was incredible.
They introduce us their new single, that is a part of their new album that will be released in 2019. The new single is something strong, maybe the right words to describe what my ears heard don’t exist.
Yes, this new work is something different in comparison of the last album. It’s very strong. Obviously they cannot forget some classic songs that belong to the history of old school death metal, one of these is Left Hand Path. The final part of this song, live, is very atmospheric, you feel melancholy and restless (uneasy), something moves inside you, and you feel the devil’s hand on you. Great show.
The last band, the father of that night was… Vader. 
They aren’t human, they are preparing an evil war. Once appeared on stage, they started so loud and angry, they brought you on their side.

Most fan stayed with open mouth, eyes wide open, and without words.
Vader was a sort of war machine. The sensation that you felt was a very big steamroller.


When the drum was rolling you felt your guts move inside in a strange way, like if they wanted to go outside of your body. Their strength is something inhuman, energico, crazy and so evil.
Zona Roveri is a good place for gigs, but you can’t eat inside because this place does not supply this service. Outside there is a little food truck but the prices are too high. If you travel from a far olace I suggest you to bring food from your home. Yesterday night 4 European nations were united in only one place. Italy, France, Sweden and Poland. That’s so cool.
Vader setlist
Entombed A.D. Setlist
Resumed setlist:
– A Human Waste
-The Omen
– Alienation
– No Answer


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