Venice: 1600 years of unimaginable beautifulness

Venice was founded on March 25, 421 ADS


When people talk about Venice, the first thing they imagine is a city belonging to myth, new every day. An art work which has lived for 1600 years. The city was founded on March 25, 421 ADS. In order to celebrate the foundation of this city, the Patriarchate of Venice has invited all the parish priests to ring the city bells.

Venice: a unique city in the world?

Venice, in the north-east region of Italy, is one of the most famous cities of the country. Because of its monuments, its historical heritage and its beautifulness, many tourists come to visit this sort of “museum in the city”. Sure, Venice is not a city as the others: hanging between East and West, it has been the place where many different cultures met up together for centuries, if not millenniums. When people visit Venice, everything is worthy for being seen, no matter what it is. So, it is not a case if this city remains one of the most visited cities even today, in a moment where museums and indoors are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak prevention. Each lane, each church, each house: it stands out what is the heritage of this province in Northern Italy.

A cultural heritage as no other city can have

Bellini, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Tiepolo are only a slight hint to all the great artists who had the opportunity to consider Venice as their place of maximal expression. The homeland of Marco Polo and Elena Lucrezia Cornaro, it helped the development of the first commercial routes. A great innovation is well-represented by Canal Grande, a “water street” probably unique in the world. And what if you mention the Ghetto? In 1516, a decree stated all the Jewish people living in Venice had to be confined on an island called Geto. It is right here where ghettos as we know them today were born.

A legend has it that Venice was founded on March 25, 421 ADS. According to a document from the XI century, known as Chronicon Altinate “on the day March 25, 421, at the twelfth hour of Holy Monday”, they city of Venice was first recognized by authorities of the time.

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